Biodiversity is the variety of life.

We believe it is our responsibility to protect this diversity, starting in our own backyards.  BiodiverCity Farm, located in Saskatoon, is an urban farm with the goal of providing people in our community with healthy food, grown in an ethical and environmentally friendly manner.


Diversity On the Farm

We believe in growing food using methods that promote diversity both above and below the soil surface.  We do this through sustainable practices such as:

  • Growing pesticide-free
  • Planting a variety of plant species to attract beneficial insects
  • Composting to build up soil microbes and improve soil texture
  • Rotating crops to reduce pest pressure
  • Establishing perennial crops to create long-term ecosystems
  • Keeping honey bees to pollinate our gardens as well as our neighbours’ gardens


Diversity On Your Plate

Eating a variety of fruits and vegetables supplies the body with essential nutrients required for good health.  What we eat is strongly connected to how we feel and thus our quality of life.  At BiodiverCity Farm we provide:

  • An assortment of fresh, nutritious produce each week from July – mid October
  • Several varieties of each crop, carefully selected for flavour and quality
  • Colourful (often heirloom) cultivars, adding lots of diversity to your plate
  • Healthy recipes demonstrating creative ways to use your produce


Diversity In the Community

We believe a locally based food system is an important part of our community.  We hope to benefit the community by:

  • Offering individuals in Saskatoon access to fresh, city grown food, picked ripe and in-season
  • Growing and delivering food in a more environmentally friendly manner
  • Making it convenient for people to eat locally, by delivering food right to their homes