About Us

BiodiverCity Farm is a small-scale urban farm in the city of Saskatoon.  It is composed of several garden plots in the King George/Riversdale area, including one peri-urban plot on the South edge of the city.  The farmers growing and delivering the produce are Lisa and her husband Jason.

Lisa is a horticulturist with a passion for growing healthy food and nurturing plants.  She understands the need for sustainably grown, local food in Saskatoon.  Living in the city hasn’t stopped Lisa from finding creative ways to grow and preserve fruit and vegetables so her and Jason can eat locally year-round.  She has recently become an avid bee keeper, and aside from the farm she is the gardener for The Hollows and Primal, two Saskatoon restaurants focused on using high quality, seasonal ingredients.

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Lisa with her bees.

Jason is the handyman of the operation, making sure everything is running smoothly.  He is enthusiastic about composting and is responsible for creating beautiful, nutrient-rich compost to throw on the garden each year.


 Jason at the Ness Creek permaculture garden.